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Welcome to the Lipstick Files

Just a quick post to say hi and welcome to the Lipstick Files.

I started this blog because I love lipstick. I own a lot of lipstick and I pretty much use them all. I find that lipstick is the thing that 'finishes off' my make up, I don't feel fully made up without it and I love that it makes me look awake even when I feel really tired. It's great for hiding behind but also for as a confidence boost, it's fair to say that for me it has many uses. At the moment I'm primarily wearing it during the day even though I'm going nowhere because it's Winter and I don't want my lips to dry out, particularly on the cold evenings when I am walking the dog!

This blog is going to be a series of small blog posts (files) about lipsticks, the colours, the cost, what they look like on, where you can buy it and if there's a possible duplicate (in my opinion). I've been writing a blog called Beauty Aware since 2013 and I've created many posts on lipstick but I think it's time that they had a blog all of their own. They've always been my most popular posts to be honest.

So, if you're interested in a bit of lippy subscribe for new posts and see where this takes you. I'm always on the look out for new ideas and lipsticks to try so drop me a line or pop something on my Facebook page

Above, all, I hope you enjoy reading it.

Love, Maria


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