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Tom Ford Ultra Rich Lip Color - 03 Le Mepris

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

This is the lipstick file on the Tom Ford lipstick number 03, Le Mepris.

General Description

This is my one and only Tom Ford lipstick. I know!! Crazy right, because TF lipsticks are really quite gorgeous. This was purchased in Sephora in Spain two years ago. I have to say the packaging and the colour got to me, the packaging is not your normal lipstick shape, it's a bit different and it's white and gold so very classy. Of course, there were many colours to choose from but I went for a vibrant coral. This lipstick looks lovely on and it does last too. And it doesn't bleed into those annoying little lip lines. Big win! It's got a slight shimmer to it and is made with nourishing shea butter, vitamin C and vitamin E.


Tom Ford


Le Mepris, no 03

Colours Available

There are a variety of colours available in this range, from nude through to deep plum. There are several shades of coral available, Le Mepris is the brightest.


The cost seems to depend on where you buy the lipstick from. It's £44 on the official Tom Ford website but £45 on Net-A-Porter, £42 on Look Fantastic and £52 on Amazon (ouch, Amazon!)

Where can I buy it?

As I said I got this from Sephora but it's also available on Tom Ford, Look Fantastic, Net-A-Porter and SpaceNK. If this shade isn't available there are some shades that are very similar (try Paradiso or Sweet Spot) so you should be able to match up if you want to.


Lipstick shown without lid, with lid and on me. I'm wearing the Too Faced Shake Your Palm Palms eye shadow palette which is a nice warm toned palette so the lipstick went perfectly. Photo taken November 2020.

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1 Comment

Feb 11, 2021

What do you recommend for lips with lines? Gloss? Or a lip plumper? Could you suggest anything?

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