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Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer Shine Balm - Rose

This is the lipstick file on the Jouer lipstick in Rose.

General Description

This lipstick was originally purchased in Sephora in Chicago in 2019 (my husband was running the Chicago marathon so I went shopping ...) I had never heard of this brand before but I loved the packaging and the fact that this lipstick is more of a balm but quite highly pigmented so it gives some colour but leaves your lips feeling lovely. Founded in 2008, Jouer make clean make up with no toxins, mostly paraben free and do not test on animals.


Jouer Cosmetics



Colours Available

There are 10 shades available including red, pink and mauve tones plus a clear balm. I also have the red one called 'Poppy' which is lovely.


$20 from the Jouer Cosmetics website and £15.00 from Beauty Bay in the UK.

Similar pricing at Cult Beauty.

Where can I buy it?


Lipstick shown with lid, without lid and on me. Please note, the day I took the photo was freezing and it was snowing hence the red watery eyes! I don't use filters on any of my photos to what you see is what it is ;-)

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