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Beauty Pie Wondergloss Collagen Lip Oil - Spicy Pink

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

This is the lipstick file for the Beauty Pie Wondergloss Collagen Lip Oil.

General Description

Purchased as part of my lovely Beauty Pie subscription, I first used this towards the end of 2020. I have to admit that I am not a gloss fan, I usually find it too sticky and my hair always gets stuck in it which I find really irritating. This appealed to me because of the words "collagen" and "lip oil" I gathered that it was more of a lip moisturising product than a gloss. I was right. This product doesn't give a lot of colour just enhances your own lip colour which is perfect if you just want a natural look and if you just want to pop something on your lips to protect them whilst you're walking the dog! It gives a sheen rather than a super glossy look which I much prefer to usual glosses. Beauty Pie is cruelty free and uses high quality ingredients. This lip oil is infused with Hibiscus and Cherry Oils, designed to smooth and plump the lips. I've used it at night too, the collagen/lip oil really gets to work overnight because you're not eating or drinking so you get a good few hours for it to sink in, and you wake up with super soft lips.


Beauty Pie


Spicy Pink

Colours Available

There are 6 colours available: Cherryo, Plum Naked, Spicy Pink, Jammy, Shimmereen (Clear) and Nude Nectar. The colour names are self explanatory - for example Cherryo is a deep Cherry. I liked Spicy Pink so much I also ordered Plum Naked.


The RRP of this product is actually £26 (it's high quality imported from Italy) but Beauty Pie members can get it for just £7 making it a super amazing bargain not to be missed.

Where can I buy it?

Only from Beauty Pie ( it's worth going on the website to check out not only the lip products but all the other gorgeous things they have on there too.


First photo of the product, second photo of me wearing it. Taken on a chilly Sunday morning whilst watching the kids horse ride so protection from the elements was definitely required!

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